Mark Koh

Hey. I'm Mark, nice to meet you.

Welcome to my site, where you can find out more about me and check out my latest work in my blog.


Digital marketer and media producer
"Don't wait until the Iron is hot to strike, make it hot by striking"

Hi, I’m Mark from marketing. I’m a data driven digital marketer with a technical and creative background. I have experience in B2C & B2B in both client and agency side businesses. I have worked financial and legal corporations, fast paced technology start-ups and creative agencies. My technology industry and agency side experience has given me a holistic understanding of digital marketing. I posses skills related to creative strategy, technical implementation and quantitative analysis. This has allowed me to manage projects across every level from planning to delivery. I am a valuable asset to any company, regardless of size or industry

  • Email marketing & automation
  • SEO, SEM, and Analytics
  • Copywriting and Art Direction
  • Front end web Dev [HTML & CSS]