Coinjar Stories

To the layman, Bitcoin represents the unknown. Most people haven’t heard about it and those that do know little about it. This presented a major problem for Coinjar which were left unable to target the majority of Australians leaving only financial investors and enthusiasts. Together with the marketing team, we were tasked with creating campaign that would allow[…]

How to Take Initiative

Why will alone is not enough, you have to plan to take action. How to take initiative and go above and beyond expectations.  In one of my previous post – What I learned working in a startup – I talked briefly about taking initiative, or more specifically I talked about how to take initiative. During my time[…]

What I learned working in a Startup

The Social Network is one of my favorite movies so you can believe my excitement when I first started working for a venture capital funded tech startup just like the one in the film. Like the film, during my time that I got to feel that thrill of the hunt, whether it was creating a new product[…]

Bitcoin Down Under – Portfolio

Bitcoin Down Under – Documentary from Carl Gibson on Vimeo.   The question: How do you target everyday Australians with a product that they do not know about, do not need, and find dangerous. Coinjar is Australia’s biggest bitcoin exchange, however most of their customers come from financial markets looking to invest in bitcoin. Coinjar wanted[…]

Turkey Shoot – Portfolio

  Turkey Shoot, is a 2014 Australian dystopian futurist exploitation film directed by Jon Hewitt and co-written by Hewitt and his wife Belinda McClory. Shot in Australia, the film stars Dominic Purcell, Viva Bianca, Robert Taylor and Belinda McClory. Inspired by Brian Trenchard-Smith’s 1982 Turkey Shoot, the film features appearances by that film’s Carmen Duncan,[…]

Coinables – Portfolio

  Coinjar is Australia’s largest bitcoin exchange that allows users to transfer their money into bitcoin as well as buy bitcoin. Coinjar also allows businesses to accept bitcoin payments with their Point of Sale system. This target market of merchants was considered small compared to the larger personal user base, however the Hero x Coinjar[…]

Hero Subs X Coinjar – Portfolio

  Taking its inspiration from gourmet ‘Hero-style’ sandwiches made famous in and around New York, Hero Subs takes the art of the simple sandwich baguette and applied 100% respect to its big sandwich flavours with stores across Melbourne. However Hero faced many challenges in the same gourmet market within Melbourne such as Huxtaburger and Grill’d.[…]