Bitcoin Down Under – Portfolio

Bitcoin Down Under – Documentary from Carl Gibson on Vimeo.


The question: How do you target everyday Australians with a product that they do not know about, do not need, and find dangerous.

Coinjar is Australia’s biggest bitcoin exchange, however most of their customers come from financial markets looking to invest in bitcoin. Coinjar wanted to target more casual consumers, customers that would use their services in day to day activities such as shopping.  As such they wanted to connect more with that target market. But how then do you connect and build a relationship with them?



As part of Coinjar’s campaign I came up with the idea of the creation of a documentary that would explore bitcoin’s current impact on Australians and how bitcoin could also benefit future customers. Most other documentaries involving the subject of bitcoin focused more on the technical aspects of the currency. However that would not resonate with most Australians with limited knowledge of technology and peer-to-peer networks.


Instead Bitcoin Down under would be an exploration into the effects and impact that cryptocurrency has on Australia and what it could mean in the future for business. Our film will aim to explore bitcoin and it’s humble beginnings as a niche into the world changing giant it has evolved into today. More importantly the film will delve into the current applications of bitcoin in businesses today and how digital payment systems will change the economic landscape.

The film focus on two subjects: bitcoin and the nature of cryptocurrencies, their distinction between them and traditional currency, and how we can benefit from this new technology. The film will also focus on the impact of bitcoin on people within and outside the bitcoin community such as businesses and new start up companies.

bbPresented chronologically from bitcoin inception to it’s current state and followed by it’s future use and impact, the film will progress by various interviews giving their own insight. Leaning less on narration and objective viewpoints we hope to focus the film more on the human elements within the bitcoin community rather than it’s technological aspects.

We chose to interview prominent figures in the australian bitcoin community –

  • Michael Connell, the world’s only bitcoin comedian and regular on the community television show Live On Bowen.
  • Eleena Tan, the founder of Hero Subs which is the first franchise in Australia to accept bitcoin. Hero Subs is a gourmet sandwich store that operates around the Melbourne CBD.
  • Ross and Julian from CryptoLink, a bitcoin ATM leasing company that has just started. They will provide insight into the tech startups and how bitcoin has created new entrepreneurs and businesses.