Coinjar Stories


To the layman, Bitcoin represents the unknown. Most people haven’t heard about it and those that do know little about it. This presented a major problem for Coinjar which were left unable to target the majority of Australians leaving only financial investors and enthusiasts. Together with the marketing team, we were tasked with creating campaign that would allow everyday people to relate to a cryptocurrency that seemed alien and redundant compared to normal currency.


Our solution was Coinjar Stories, various interviews and articles about Coinjar’s users and merchants and how accepting bitcoin has changed and helped their business. This would involve a cross media angle involving photography, copywriting and video that would culminate in an indepth profile of our bitcoin users. We targeted a wide range of our users such as merchants, charities and financial advisers that would create a large range of people new users could relate to. We interviewed them individually and wrote a short but in dept article about them. Coinjar Stories would also focus more on each users’ experience with bitcoin and it how they’ve used it rather than trying to understand bitcoin and it’s intricacies. Finally we would also create a promotional video that would feature on Coinjar’s main site and be used from digital advertising to presentations for future investors. I was tasked with the copywriting of the articles that Coinjar would feature on the site. This involved me reading and analysing each person’s interview and developing a narrative in which they could be promoted in.



• Articles brought increased traffic to Coinjar’s
main site and increased sign ups by
• The Stories were shared online in various
social media sites such as Reddit.
• Coinjar Stories video got over 2000 views
in 1 week on Youtube.