Why content marketing beats advertising


In a survey of 55 startups content marketing and social media were chosen by startups as the most important tactics for 2015 with display advertising voted the least important tactic for 2015. (http://www.profoundry.co/startup-digital-marketing-survey-results/).

With the rise of content marketing, it’s easy to see why it beats advertising on the internet in almost every way. Here are the reasons why content marketing beats advertising.


Provides value

Compared to an advertisement, content marketing can actually help a viewer and give them useful information. This could be in the form of an expert tutorial or guide, or it could be a funny article that makes your viewers laugh. But whatever it is it provides some value that makes people want to share it and keeping coming back for more.


Free distribution

By creating useful and valuable content, you create content that viewers will want to share and distribute. All of it done without you having to lift and finger or paying anything. Your content can reach hundreds or thousands of people in a single day, bringing more visibility to your website and brand.


Highly targeted

You can develop content to a specific target audience that can find your content on their own. People are always looking for information online and by having a large base of content you can increase your site traffic. The content you make can tie directly with the products that you offer, making these visitors more likely to become customers.


Low barrier to entry

You can start today! You don’t need to buy a distribution network or work with a third party, you can start making content and promote your business as soon as you want. But most importantly your content can be found as easily as anyone else’s, meaning that you can compete with larger businesses.


Creates a relationship

Imagine meeting a salesman who only wants to sell you something. He badgers you day and night about his new exciting product. What do you think his chances of getting a sale are compared to a business that tries to build relationship with you.

Content marketing creates a sense of reciprocity within your customers. As you continue to provide them with helpful guides and tips you grow closer to getting their business. Sooner rather than later they will buy something from you that outvalues the free content you’ve provided.


Increase your authority

Content marketing can help establish your website or blog as the hub of knowledge for a specific topic or industry. It can allow you to establish yourself online as an authority within an industry increasing brand awareness. This means that visitors will grow to trust you more as you provide them with valuable content, ultimately leading them to want your products.


Increases your visibility

Every new article or blog post you have is one more way that potential customers can find you. By combining content marketing with SEO, you can rank higher on search terms related to your industry or products, increasing potential customers.


Low cost

All of this done with virtually no cost involved. Meaning you can advertise your business and have it shared throughout the web without paying a cent.